Welcome to Red Bull Basement 2020

_01 How It Works

Here's the roadmap that could drive your idea to the global stage.



Brainstorm your idea and describe it in a max. 60-second video. Then upload the video and your application on this website. This is not a film-making competition: your idea is what matters. Remember, the public will vote on it, so try your best. A team can consist of one or two people. Make sure that everyone is at least 18, a university student and able to speak English.



Fellow students – and the public – will have a three-day window to view the eligible videos and vote. Their top picks will advance to the Selection phase, so spread the word and gather support from your community.



A panel of local judges will select the best single idea to represent their country. The selection criteria will be based on feasibility, impact and creativity.



This phase is all about bringing your idea to life! Each Finalist team, one from each participating country, will get access to a workspace, 1on1 sessions with international mentors and access to a global network of innovators.

Global Workshop


This is it: Three immersive days with workshops, mentorship sessions, and much more, culminating in the big Final Pitch and announcement of the "Best Idea of 2020." Business relationships and networking connections will be forged with access to some of the world’s most visionary thought leaders. For the first time ever, the Global Workshop goes 100% digital, leveraging the latest cutting-edge technologies to create a virtual world full of surprises.

Final Pitch

On the last day, each team will present their Final Pitch to the global judges. One idea will be declared “Global Winner 2020” – Everyone goes home with sharpened skills, fresh insights and an expanded network. Where will their ideas take them next?

_02 Answers to Common Questions

What is Red Bull Basement?

Red Bull Basement empowers students in all areas of study to use innovation to drive positive change. The aim is to connect and inspire all students to challenge the status quo by coming up with ideas that can lead to a better tomorrow. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur or an inventor to join – everyone is invited to the brainstorm. The climax is a Global Workshop, where Finalist teams bring their ideas to life for a Final Pitch. Along the way are opportunities for networking, expert mentoring and more.

Why Red Bull Basement?

Red Bull Basement was created specifically to empower the next generation of young innovators to develop bold new ideas and implement tech and other solutions. The goal is to make a positive impact on their campuses, within their communities and beyond. As a university student, you’re welcome no matter what area you study – why wait until after graduation to work toward positive change when the world needs your ingenuity and big ideas now?

What is the History Behind Red Bull Basement?

Red Bull Basement was launched in São Paulo, Brazil in 2015 with the aim of supporting and enabling hackers, makers and coders who were using their tech skills to solve social and environmental challenges in their cities. Since then, the initiative has expanded, and at Red Bull Basement Global Workshops held in Berlin, Germany (2018) and Toronto, Canada (2019), participant ideas covered a broad range of themes. The common thread throughout the years has been empowering young innovators and driving change for the better.

What Kind of Ideas and Projects Can Apply to Red Bull Basement?

Every idea is welcome – you can offer a solution for a pressing, unmet need affecting life on campus or a greater challenge in the community. Technology may be the whole solution, or one part of it. Topics are limited only by your imagination, but to get started, think of: Accessibility, Body & Mind, Career, Clean Water, Climate Action, Education, Empowerment, Energy, Smart Cities

Learn more about successful ideas from previous years in the Thought Starters section.

What are the Wildcards?

In addition to the 38 country winners, our global partners will also offer two additional tickets to the Development Phase and Global Workshop. As tech references around the world, both Honor and NTT are looking for innovative ideas that can disrupt student life. Click on their links to find out more.

Do I Have to Apply in English?

Application videos may be submitted in English, or in another language as long as English subtitles are included. However, it is mandatory for all students who apply to be able to speak English.

Does My Application Video Need to Look Professional?

Your idea and the impact it can make are what matter most. Create the video explaining your idea on your phone, your laptop or whatever is easiest – maximum 60 seconds.

Who Can Apply for Red Bull Basement?

University students (18 or over) who are able to speak English and reside in any of the :36:: participating countries may apply in teams of one or two students. Within these criteria, students in every field of study are encouraged to submit an idea that they think will make a meaningful impact. Students outside these criteria are welcome to participate by supporting their favorite idea in the Voting phase.

How Many Team Members Can Be Part of the Project?

Applications can be submitted individually or in groups of two students. More team members can collaborate behind the scenes, but only two selected representatives will introduce and pitch the idea at the Global Workshop.

Is It Possible to Apply as a Team of One?

You can enter Red Bull Basement individually, or as a team consisting of two members. Please remember that each participant must be enrolled at a university from the start of the Application phase through the end of the Global Workshop ( through ).

I Just Recently Graduated From University. Can I Still Apply?

Each participant must be actively enrolled at a university from the start of the Application phase through the end of the Global Workshop ( through ).

How Do I Know if My Country Is Participating?

All participating countries can be found in the Terms of Participation section.

What’s the Difference Between Satellite Events and the Global Workshop?

Satellite events are being held on your local campus or online to inform and inspire you about Red Bull Basement on a national level. They’re a great place to network, hear from experts and find team members. (Meanwhile the Global Workshop is the climax of Red Bull Basement, attended by Finalist teams.) You don’t have to attend a satellite event to apply for Red Bull Basement, but we would be very happy to welcome you! For registration information, see the Events section of this website.

How Does the Voting and Selection Phase Work?

Eligible uploaded ideas will first go through a global public Voting phase, which will last three days. Voting will be open from until (inclusive). Everyone is invited to view these videos and vote. Out of the top-voted ideas per country, a panel of local judges will select the national Finalist to attend the Global Workshop, based on the following criteria: feasibility, impact, creativity.

How Often Can I Vote?

You can vote for each idea only once every 24 hours.

Who Can Vote?

Everyone is welcome to vote.

Who Are the Judges?

There are two types of judging panels: local judges in the Voting and Selection phase, and global judges at the Global Workshop. Every judging panel will include a variety of experts selected by Red Bull Basement. Experts will be chosen based on their credibility in the innovator space, tech know-how, entrepreneurial experience and connection to the university scene.

The Global Workshop judges will be announced on the Red Bull Basement website.

What Happens if I Am Selected to Represent My Country as a Finalist?

The Finalists – one team from each country – will be publicly announced on . A Red Bull representative will get in contact with each Finalist team via the e-mail address they provided in their application. If a Finalist team doesn’t confirm their attendance within 48 hours, or doesn’t fulfill the requirements to participate, the runner-up will be invited to the Global Workshop.

How Does the Development Phase Work?

Finalist teams will have five weeks to get their idea ready for the Global Workshop. Red Bull Basement will provide basic funds, mentorship with international experts in relevant fields, networking opportunities and a working space.

How Does the International Mentorship Session Work?

Teams will have access to international experts of different backgrounds: Hardware, Design, Creativity, Planning and Engineering. Each team will be able to choose two of these experts for a mentorship meeting based on the needs of the project. Please find mentors’ profiles under the Global Workshop section.

When and Where Is the Red Bull Basement Global Workshop 2020?

For the first time ever, the Global Workshop goes 100% digital, leveraging the latest cutting-edge technologies to create a virtual world full of surprises for the Finalists on -.

Who Can Take Part in the Global Workshop?

All Finalist teams will be invited to the Global Workshop. (That’s one team from each participating country, as selected by local judges in the Voting and Selection phase.) Each Finalist team may send a maximum of two participants to the Global Workshop: the names of both must have been listed on the team’s original Red Bull Basement application, and both must speak English.

What About the Legal Ownership of My Idea?

When students submit an application, they are confirming that their idea belongs to them. Ownership of the idea then remains fully with the student(s) who applied. All mentorships, connections and resources provided by Red Bull Basement come with no strings attached, as outlined in the Terms of Participation section.

When Selected to Take Part in the Online Global Workshop, How Do I Login?

Red Bull Basement takes care of providing you with the details needed in order to access the exclusive platform built for your 3 immersive virtual days rich with workshops, mentorship sessions and trainings before your final pitch.

What’s the Prize for Red Bull Basement 2020?

The team honored as “Best Idea of 2020” at the Global Workshop will receive a custom package of resources to realize their unique idea.

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