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Time to upload your video and share your idea with the world. Follow these simple steps and you'll be officially entered and ready for the community to give you shout-outs.


Veuillez remplir le formulaire suivant afin que nous puissions examiner votre idée. Pour commencer, sélectionnez le pays de résidence de votre équipe :

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The public can give your idea a shout-out that only you can see. Once applications are closed, we will reveal how many shout-outs each idea received. The ideas from each participating country will move forward to local judges, who will score them on the criteria of impact, feasibility, creativity and shout-outs. One team from each country will be selected to attend the Global Final. In the weeks leading up to the Global Final, Red Bull Basement will connect each team with international mentors to help further develop their ideas.

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