Come funziona

Ecco la roadmap che potrebbe portare la tua idea sulla scena mondiale.



Brainstorm your idea and describe it in a max. 60-second video in english (or english subtitled). Then upload the video and your application on this website. This is not a film-making competition: your idea is what matters. A team can consist of one or two people. Make sure that everyone is at least 18, an enrolled student and able to speak English.

Community Shout-Outs


The public can give your idea a shout-out that only you can see. Once applications are closed, we will reveal how many shout-outs each idea received. Shout-outs from the community will be part of the criteria for upcoming judging, so show that the world needs this idea, and get support from your friends, family and others around you.



A panel of local judges will select the finalists based on the criteria of feasibility, impact, creativity and community shout-outs.



This phase is all about bringing your idea to life! Each finalist team, one from each participating country, will get access to a workspace, 1on1 sessions with international mentors and access to a global network of innovators.

Global Final


This is it: three immersive days with workshops, mentorship sessions and much more, culminating in the big Final Pitch and announcement of the 2021 Global Winner. Business relationships and networking connections will be forged with access to some of the world’s most visionary thought leaders.

Final Pitch

On the last day, teams will present their Final Pitch to the global judges. One idea will be declared Global Winner 2021, but everyone goes home with sharpened skills, fresh insights and an expanded network. Where will their ideas take them next?

Global Partners